Goldman's Fake Barns Thought Experiment: Undermine The Casual Theory

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Homework Section 7.3 Study Questions 6. What is Goldman’s fake barns thought experiment? How does it attempt to undermine the casual theory? Goldman’s fake barns thought experiment is to contradict the fact that justified true beliefs is the best definition for “knowledge”. This example about Henry looking at fake barns makes him believe his is actually driving through a district full of barns, does not make it true knowledge because they are fake barns. “Goldman's fake barns thought experiment seems to indicate that one can have suitability caused true belief without having knowledge” This attempt undermines the casual theory, by showing that our knowledge not only depends on justification or true believe based only on what we perceive. 7. What is the reliability theory? Is it an externalist view? The reliability theory is the doctrine that knowledge is reliably produced true belief. Just like Casual Theory, Reliability…show more content…
What is the difference between animal and reflective knowledge? How can these types of knowledge be used to evaluate Gettier cases? Animal knowledge is acquired by one’s intellectual virtue, like using our own senses to perceive our true beliefs. This is an externalist form of knowledge because in order to have it, we don’t have to be aware of the processes underlie it. On the other hand, reflective knowledge is internalist knowledge. It is acquired by reflecting on the principles that underlie animal knowledge. Those who have this knowledge are consciously aware of the conditions that produced it. Gettier’s case can be evaluated as not being true knowledge. Because Smith does not have intellectual knowledge about Jones owing a Ford or Brown is in Barcelona. Sosa came to the conclusion that Smith does not have animal nor reflective knowledge about his beliefs. Then, his beliefs are not true therefore he does not have true knowledge. 11. Explain Virtue Perspectivism and compare it with the previous studies

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