Goldilocks Planets Essay

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Olivia Chupp April 20, 2014 Term Paper PTYS 170 Goldilocks Planet The environment we live in is perfect for humans and other living things to survive on. The climate, air we breathe, and the amount of water is “just right” for us. Every other planet in our solar system is either too hot or too cold, and we could not survive in their environment. In April 2013, astronomers found two Earth like planets both about 1,200 light years away. Both planets are cover with oceans and cloudy skies. The sun that these two planets orbit is called Kepler 62 and the two planets were named Kepler 62f and Kepler 62e. Kepler 62f is about 40 percent larger than Earth and Kepler 62e a little larger, 60 percent larger than Earth. This Kepler solar system is similar, having two planets in the habitable zone like Mars and Earth. To live on Earth, every aspect of the climate, environment and air has to be perfect. Since last April, astronomers have only discovered more about these and other Earth like planets, but have not found an “Earth 2.0”. Many aspects of Earth make it perfect

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