Goldilocks Argumentative Essay

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The Bears were in their home about to eat some porridge, but it was too hot. So the decided to take a nice long walk so when they get back, the porridge would be at least warm enough to eat. They closed the door shut. Goldilocks just came from the doctor's office and took some medication to help with her serious headaches before getting home. She walks up to the Bears house thinking it’s her own house. She tries to break down the door because she couldn’t get it. Goldilocks breaks down the door. She walks in and sits on baby bear's chair and breaks it. Finally she notices that is isn’t her house and just walks away, and goes home. Later starts having back pains, and brings a lawsuit to the bears. Issue: Are the Bears liable for the damages of Goldilocks?…show more content…
Personal injury because she sat on baby bear’s chair though she did break it, she still fell and had gotten a back injury. Mental distress because of her harsh serious head aches, she suffered a period of depression because she could not pay any of her medical bills due to the fact she had to go to the hospital and check out her back. The Bears are suing for property dam gage, trespassing, and also mental distress. Property damage because she broken the front door, and baby bear’s chair, which would cost a lot to repair and replace a priceless chair of their ancestors. Trespassing, though she didn’t know it wasn’t her house she still trespassing into their property and broke inside the house as well. Mental Distress because baby bear loved that chair, went through a mental break down because his grandfather who no longer was around gave him that

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