Golden Child Essay

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The “Golden Child” is a play about a ghost "Ma" or Ahn, who remembers her childhood past when the western culture took over her traditional Chinese home. Ahn comes to visit her son Andrew one night, telling him, “he must be born again”. Andrew is expecting a new baby soon and he is not ready to be a dad just yet. His “Ma” told him this might be his last chance God give him to make a new life. The story then changes to “Ma’s” memories of her family’s deadly power struggle between her father and his three wives struggle with changing their beliefs, traditions, and the whole family dynamic to become more “westernized”. Her father had accepted western Christianity and wanted the wives to leave behind their Chinese cultural upbringing and only one of them will remain as his wife. As I researched Chinese traditions, family is very important piece to their lives. When they are young, the parents provide all the necessities, help them with a job, give them friends and marriage becomes arranged. When they get old, the family takes care of them as they did. A typical family will stand together and provide safe place for every member. In exchange for all the protection, everyone's primary responsibility in life is to honor and protect or maintain a good appearance of the family. Some of these responsibilities would be honor the ancestors, obey the elders, appear honorably and dignified in front of others, and treat guests with respect and hospitality. In most parts of China this tradition is still practiced. The major conflict that is depicted in "Golden Child" showed us one of the complex family dynamic of old China. For a rich man, it is common for him to have many wives. According to the Chinese traditions, only the first wife is considered as the mistress of the family. The rest are pretty much treated as high status servants though they may have servants themselves.

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