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Golden Boy I can feel my heart beating faster than ever, but this time it is not beating from nervousness, but now from excitement. I have come way too far to lose now. I know I can defeat all these other runners. They worked hard, but I worked harder. I can feel the blood pumping through my body and the feeling of greatness flowing through me. The announcer yells into the microphone. “Runners on your marks get set go!” I kicked off and then all the people and all the noise became a blur. On every step my feet would explode with energy and propel me forward faster than anyone else. The announcer says. “Michael Johnson of USA takes the gold for the 200m!” “WOO!” I shout with great joy looking at the giant timer that shows 19.32 seconds (Wikipedia). I set world a record and have just beaten my old one. The title of…show more content…
“Michael Johnson of USA takes the gold for the 400m!” Coach said “It is time for the medal ceremony. Go up there and get your gold” I began to see a few tears in his eyes, but I did not say anything about it because I knew why he was crying. I just said. “Alright coach.” While walking up to stage to get my gold medals, I hear the crowd chanting “golden boy.” I always hear that ever since I started to run with my golden running shoes Nike made for me. Now that I am up here waiting to get my gold medals and hearing the crowd chant, my emotions become overwhelming. Tears just began rolling down my cheeks. I let them come out instead of holding them back. This is my time. I have finally accomplished what I have wanted for so long now. The announcer begins the ceremony and says. “The bronze medal goes to Ato Bolden of Trinidad!” The crowd cheers and claps. Then the announcer says. “The silver medal goes to Frankie Fredericks of Namibia!” It is my turn next and I realize that I did not just win for myself, but I also just won for my country. The announcer calmly says. “The gold medal goes to Michael Johnson of

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