Golden Age Research Paper

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A Golden age is such a time when a certain civilization or ruling power has an economic boom and is doing very well in generally every aspect. Golden ages can last hundreds of years or just a short time. One example of a golden age was in Islam this golden was a huge leap in many aspects of culture, art, architecture, education, religion, sciences, and the economy. Ancient Islam was very diverse with many cultures including Arabs, Persians, Egyptians, and Europeans. As humans naturally do, the Islamic people learned from and blended customs and traditions into theirs. Muslims started to use amazing writing and patterns to decorate building and artistic creations, called calligraphy. Created byzantine like buildings and even started creating nonreligious art. Learning and education also took a increase in standards. Muslims translated writings and learned from Greek philosophers, developed algebra, and observed earth turning on its axis. In literature Muslims collected stories from other civilizations and chanted oral poems. The Qur’an is the most important of all…show more content…
Muslims developed a prosperous economy. They traded with many and had an extensive trade network. As being the people who trade from culture to culture spreading religious beliefs, culture, and technology merchants were well honored in Muslim society. Muslims also formed banks and sold solid goods on credit which was very new of the time. As well as economy, agriculture also boomed. Farmers grew crops such as sugarcane, cotton, medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables which were very valuable in the market Islam had a very prosperous golden age; it involved growth and modernization in many of the things that make up Islamic culture. It allowed new culture to blend in with original Muslim culture and it let Muslims trade and create a wealthy economy. Overall Muslims in their golden age have modernized themselves and truly without them a lot of cultures might have been different and set
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