Golden Essay

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THE GOLDEN ATOM Along time ago there was a very great treasure known as the “The Golden Atom”. Anyone that had The Golden Atom would be able to read minds and know everyone secrets. This golden atom was hidden away in a secret cave in the Amazon Rain forest in South America. The front of the cave was guarded by a great electromagnet and a wire fence that had 1000 volts of electricity. Arianna, Stevie and their Grand Daddy were playing at the park and it began to rain. So they all ran for shelter under Play Bridge. Arianna saw something shiny coming out of the ground. She said “Stevie look over there!” Stevie and his granddaddy grabbed some sticks and started to dig and found a key. They gave the key to Arianna. The key was warm and felt like it had static electricity. Later that night when Arianna went to bed a fairy came and visited her and said we need your help. The Fairy was very pretty and glowed in the dark. She told Arianna that an evil troll wanted the Golden Atom to steal electricity from all over the world. The troll needed all the electricity to make him bigger and stronger and control the world. The fairy said that the troll was bringing a special bomb to blow up the electromagnet protecting the Atom. The two flew in the air to the Amazon rain forest. They saw the evil Troll and his army coming so they had to hurry. Arianna opened the gate and grabbed The Golden Atom and the fairy put a fake Atom back in its place. The fairy held the Golden Atom and saw all the evil things the troll wanted to do. So they knew they could never let the troll have it. The two flew in the air again and went to Egypt and hid the Atom in a pyramid. The fairy took Arianna back to her home because everyone was safe. The troll took the fake atom back to his hideout and tried to use it. He roared and roared when he found out it didn’t work. In fact the fairy put a spell on the

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