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Homework #1 Due Wednesday, February 9 Write a program that outputs a poem with at least four lines. Your output should be well-formatted and should include your name and the poem’s title and author. With all homework assignments, you will turn in a statement describing how complete your work is. See the back of this sheet for a more detailed explanation of this requirement. The executable program Gold01.exe demonstrates what your program should do except, of course, that your program should output your name and a different poem than does Gold01.exe. You can access Gold01.exe either through the network drive within the Chavez building or through the through the World Wide Web. You should turn in (in a pocket folder): this assignment/grading…show more content…
You are expected to test your program. Run your program and read the output. If you make any changes to your program, run it again and re-check the output. If your program produces output based on input, you should test it several times with different inputs, each time verifying the correctness of the output. If your program does not even run, you might try commenting out parts of the code so that you can test the working parts. If you believe that your work is complete, merely state that fact. Write something like “My program is complete according to all requirements of the assignment.” Be direct and explicit: Do not just write something like “It runs,” or “I didn’t see anything wrong with it,” or “I had some problems but I fixed them.” These are all right only if provided as comments after a direct conclusion about completeness. Note: If you claim that your work is complete and it is not complete in ways that you should have been able to detect, you will lose credit twice: once for the problems in the assignment and once for…show more content…
It is not your job to give yourself a grade, to tell me what grade you think I should give you, what grade you think you deserve, what grade you hope to get, etc. Evaluation is my job. Your job is to give me an honest report about what you did. The statement must be typed on a separate sheet from other work (not be embedded as comments within the program). If you do not know any text editing applications, you may use the Visual Studio editor (just open up an empty program), but I recommend Notepad (Start->Programs->Accessories), which a very simple editor, or Word. In addition to the requirements of your statement as described above, you may add personal comments such as how long you worked, what problems you had along the way, what you learned, how you feel about the assignment or your progress, etc. Do not mix these comments with the statement of completeness, put them after it as a separate paragraph. I find such comments interesting and educational. They will not affect your grade for the statement, but they could affect your grade for presentation in the unlikely case that they are significantly different from the rest of your

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