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Making a Gold Rush: Through the Good Times and the Bad The first two years of the Gold Rush seemed to be California’s miners most lucrative years, whereas I tend to disagree with Rohrbough and his statement that “the Gold Rush…generated a complex and highly competitive economy that conferred advantages on those with capital and luck and that ignored men who possessed neither.” Success is determined with what you choose to do with your earnings and how successful you were, as well as the investments that were made during the first years of the Gold Rush. Luck has nothing to do with the less profitable 49ers, the deteriorating conditions of the placers and areas in which they mined for years after the overwhelming influx of miners and immigrants during the first two years of the Gold Rush. Those gold seekers who appearing when it was most profitable gained the most but I don't see how there could be much gold after that. The discovery of gold was not always a declaration of intention to dig (Rohrbough 155) soon after the discovery of gold; mining would produce a massive economic opportunity throughout California. In 1846, there was a non-Indian population of less than 8,000, by 1848 California’s population rose to 20,000 and by 1850 to 36, 000 and finally by 1860 it was more than 50,000 people populating California. By 1850 it was an important financial and commercial center noticed by New York and Boston. (Rohrbourg157) The rising numbers of the population in California was due to the economic opportunity that was told of in California. Individuals from the East were heading west in prospects of finding Gold, but late starters would find themselves getting the short end of the stick. During the Gold Rush, there were many who profited and those who did not; factors that participated into the discovery of Gold included those Argonauts who participated

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