Gold Peak Electronics Case

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Case Preparation Sheet Summary of the Situation | What is the case about? Gold Peak Electronics is an multinational company which has acquired two Brithsh Speaker companies. The managing director wanted to move GPE upmarket and create stronger and more creative teams in its Chinese R&D locations by the acquisition. However, the distances between R&D sites made innovative collaboration even more challenging. The British engineers were reluctant to share knowledge due to worries about future job security while Chinese engineers preferred to work with local team members. It made the international collaboration more difficult. | Who (key players and their roles/positions):Brian Li: managing director of Hong-Kong based Gold Peak Industries Group.Chinese engineer:took over most manufactuing except manufacturing of high-performance products.British engineer: primary designers of KEF and Celestion products | Where (country/location/company…): | UK, Mainland China, Hong Kong/ gold peak electronics, KEF,Celestion International. | Case Analysis | Immediate issues, rank urgency and importanceProduce more innovative products. (IV)Promote the collaboration between British engineers and Chinese engineers.(IV)Basic issues, rank urgency and importance:Cross-cultural and cross-border issue(IV) Communication strategy issue(IV) Globalized firm’s management issue(II) Team management issue (IV) | Take on the role of one of the stakeholders (in some cases your role will be assigned), pick the issue that YOU consider as most urgent and important, and make a proposal on how YOU think the issue should be addressed.Your role: British engineersAlthough GPE use a variety of communication methods and tools (in-person meetings, company internal website, e-mail, videoconferences, telephone)to exchange infromation and ideas, there was not ehough communication to

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