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Gold Foil Experiment Purpose: Rutherford has a very specific purpose behind doing his experiment. He wanted too further investigate JJ Thompsons theory. mostly known as the Plum Pudding model. . Materials: fluorescent screen gold foil radiation source (positively charger alpha particles) Procedure: Rutherford set up an alpha source. The alpha part ices ere helium nuclei, two protons and two neutrons. A lead block with a slip served as the source. A radioactive substance giving alpha particle emission was put inside. The slit acted as the only means of escape for the particles. The slit was pointed at the think gold foil. The foil was set up a short distance from the source, and in a line with the opening in the lead block. using the foil as the center, they took a long strip of material that was coated with zinc sulfide and set it up in an almost complete circle. Then they turned off the light. They expected all the particles to go right through the thin gold foil, but noticed some reactions along the sides. Observations: Rutherford made two major observations. He noticed that most of the alpha particles went right through the foil as if it were not there. This means that most of the atoms volume is empty space. Unlike JJ Thompsons model where the particles were spread throughout. His second observation was that some of the particles came straight back. This means that the alpha particles must have met head on with another positive, dense, tiny particle named the nucleus. Conclusions: Because some alpha particles came back, Ruthorford concluded that the particles must have met head on with another positive , tiny particle known as the

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