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Maintaining Golf Courses research paper Maintaining a golf course requires precise care, many people, and countless hours to keep it in playing shape. It’s a very tough thing to keep all the areas of a golf course in shape; it really depends on the weather, the type of grass, and the amount of people using the course at the time to maintain it. Keeping hazards in shape is a very tough thing to do because they are so different from the other parts of the course and need special maintenance. These hazards include water areas sand bunkers and traps, and waste areas. Many times these are left natural as part of the landscape of the area the course is built on. Many times the hazards where there before the course was built like lakes and ponds and then the holes are designed to be built around them as a challenge to the players and the architect, but also many hazards are man made like bunkers waste areas and smaller sized ponds and lakes. ‘For man made bunkers to be maintained is one of the most long taking process’s on a golf course”[Zontec], they can be re-done many times in the northern areas or areas that get a deep freeze during the winter months. When re-surfacing a bunker the first thing is first removing all the sand from the bunker. When all the sand has been removed you should check the base of the bunker and see if it still flows with general shape of the bunker. If there is erosion then you should check the drainage pipe to see if it has clogged or broken in any way. Once you have the shape of the bunker back to the way its intended to be, install gravel or another type of material that would allow easy drainage of water. Then blanket the gravel to around a quarter to three quarters of an inch. When finished with the gravel install a filter cloth on top of the gravel to allow sand to sit on top of the gravel but still let the water drain through.

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