Going to the Moon

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In the short story Going to The Moon by Nino Ricci what is the significance to the story of Miss Johnson and the detailed description of her appearance and apparel? Miss Johnson is described in detail, to give us a sense as to why ALL the boys liked her. It's important to the story because, the only connection of the narrator with all the other boys is that, the narrator too like Miss Johnson. This is significant since this is the only thing in common. This is the only way he fits in with everyone else. This has an underlying significance with the story's theme and idea, that is, the narrator wants to escape to a place where he is accepted. The Short story "Going to the Moon" by Nino Ricci is about a young boy who discovers the reality of life, which once seemed like a fictional story to him. ... The story centers around the desire a the boy, to travel to the moon inspired by his first grade teacher, Miss Johnson. She allows her class to imagine going to the moon as well as follow the lives of the astronauts of Apollo I, as they prepare to venture into space. However, on the twenty fifth day of the classes countdown the crew of Apollo I die in a preflight test, and along with this passing the young boys dreams of going to the moon die. ... close enough to throw a stone at" (Ricci 211) Bert has never set foot in it. ... The most dominant aspect of the story that reveals the them is the dream of going to the moon. Miss Johnson makes the idea of going to the moon so realistic to her students, as she lays out two adjoining lengths of newsprint which reveal the students lunar landscape. ... However, Apollo I the space shuttle the class has been following that sparks such an interest to them, never made it to the moon, as the crew dies in a preflight test. The young boys dreams of going to the moon are no longer alive, "I was stranded in my own small world as on some

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