Going Home- Johnny Blue Essay on Sacrifice

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Why does Johnny Blue sacrifice himself to save Jesse Maguire? Does this offer a sense of hope? Explain. There are a few reasons for Johnny Blue’s sacrifice. The most obvious reason for giving his life for Jesse Maguire is that the two are such good friends. Johnny is the first person to befriend Jesse, and turns out to be his best and only frie nd; “He was me mate from that very day and us two stuck together like feathers on a bird.” Johnny is the only white character who is not bothered by Jesse’s race. Jesse says that he “…admired him because he never treated us any different.” Johnny protects and defends Jesse from other people’s racism, as we witness by his immediate reaction upon seeing the wounds inflicted on Jesse by Mr Acky; “When he saw me hand and face, he up and goes for the head’s office before I can say ‘struth’…” Johnny feels that he needs to protect Jesse from people who will hurt him, perhaps because he, Johnny, wishes others would protect him from his own abusive father. I think another important reason for Johnny’s sacrifice is that Johnny feels completely responsible for the situation they are in. The only reason Jesse and Johnny are in the river is because Johnny asked for Jesse’s help; “‘I killed me dad and you’ve gotta help me.’” After all the help that Jesse had received from Johnny in the past, he could not and would not say no; Johnny meant too much to him, “But Johnny was the only bloke I’d have done it for, no sweat.” When the raft broke and they were both in danger, Johnny knew that he had to keep Jesse safe, because he, Johnny, was the reason they were there. In those moments, Johnny would have also realised that, of the two, Jesse has more to live for. If Johnny survived and was caught, he would spend his life in jail; “He reckoned they’d be looking for him pretty soon…” Had Johnny survived and Jesse been killed, Johnny would

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