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“Going Home” by Archie Weller “Aboriginals”, also referred to as Aborigines, are people whose ancestors where indigenous to the Australian continent. But what do you do, when you don’t like it where you are from and you don’t like “your people”? In this story we hear about a guy named Billy, also called William and after five years with hard work, saving and sacrificing, he is finally coming home from college and home to his family. Billy is coming home with a lot of self-esteem and with a new car, new clothes and new life. “Billy Woodward is coming home in all his might, in his shining armour” Billy is heading back home on his twenty-one birthday in his car, because he had been reminded of home (with all its carefree joys) at his last match, where he saw a young part-Aboriginal opponent with his family and therefore thought back at his own. Most of the story takes place in Billy’s car on his way home to his family. In the car he thinks back on college and some of the negative experiences, he has had with “his people”. We here about one of his uncles who Billy found asleep on Billy’s veranda one morning. Billy woke him up, by screaming at him and pushing him down the steps. We also hear about Billy’s meeting with his aunt Rose, who he met after a one night at a nightclub. Even though Rose was happy to see him and didn’t do him any harm, Billy shoved her away, walked away and described Rose as an ugly, yellow and red-eyed woman with dirty grey hair. His drunk uncle and his ugly aunt Rose they where, as he called it, his people and he felt bitter that they where in his blood. Billy considered himself as a white person and all he cared about was his football, painting pictures and his college social life. Throughout the story we get descriptions of the weather and the trees outside the car. The weather gets rainier and windier as we get

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