Going Green Synthesis Essay

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Drew Allert Wedemeyer 2A Synthesis Essay The world has a limited supply of natural resources, most everyone can agree on this fact. The controversy that comes with the idea of “going green” is the way to treat these resources, while knowing this fact. Without natural resources, the earth cannot support life, and there are many who would say that America’s government should take the initiative to lead the rest of the world on being more “green”, to conserve the resources for future generations. The government has the authority to make this type of change- to pass laws in order to force companies and individuals to be more conservative. This power should be harnessed in order to save energy, money, and valuable resources so both our economy and lifestyles remain stable for future generations. America has built up bad habits due to horrible tragedies, or even excess of luxuries, that keep us from addressing major problems in our society or in our world, that may not directly impact us every day. Tragedies keep us from recognizing the “smaller” issues, and luxuries often keep people from even concerning themselves with insignificant ideas like “going green”. These mentalities have both “weakened our society’s ability and willingness to take on big challenges” (Source C). The best way to solve this problem, according to Thomas Freedman, is to “take the lead in solving the world’s big problems.” This is also a major “opportunity”, which could serve to “revive America at home, reconnect America abroad, and retool America for tomorrow” (Source C). The need for conservation is great, and the process of taking charge would affect the country in all these ways. As investments in natural resources are not always guaranteed to succeed, few are made. Companies have the potential to lose money off these types of investments, and this could cause numerous problems for both

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