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Going Green Business Wide Laura Baez The way I look at going green people should use green technologies, Because good for the environment, less waste, and increase employment. Going green by using of technologies in operations to conserve natural resources, excluding the use of recycled inputs in production processes around August of 2011 seventy-five percent of Industrials Corporation utilize at the minimum of one green technology or practices fabricate their manufacturing developments towards going green for the environment. Because it is important to conserve natural resources which are soils, water, as well wild life some businesses are willing to go green by some examples. The use of technology or practice to improve energy efficiency with the corporation can be generation of electricity, heat, or fuel from renewable sources primarily for use within the establishment. Another use of the same green technology and practices in operations moderate greenhouse gas secretions through techniques other than renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. Eliminating the intervention of waste materials, reducing the liberation of pollutants or toxic compounds as a result of operations, and hazardous waste from the environment are things that the business have contribute the green practice to help Mother Nature. Examples of these are purchasing and using carbon offsets; promoting and subsidizing alternative forms of transportation for employees, such as carpools, fuel-efficient vehicles, cycling, or mass transit; and implementing employee telework programs. Another way is to commute with electric train then cars and buses. Build electric train like subways in area that doesn’t have electric trains and it will try to reduce the toxic going to the air with smokes and pollution that come from the cars and buses. Increasing employment with green technologies

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