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Just by making simple daily changes and a few lifestyle changes, the human race has the potential ability to conserve the planet for a much longer amount of time. Many companies, politicians, actors and everyday people are realizing now that they cannot rely on future generations to solve such a multifaceted problem. I will prove that going green needs to be a vital part of everyone’s daily habits to ensure a healthy balance for all life. If every household in the United States changed out the 5 most used light bulbs with Energy Star approved light bulbs we would keep over 1 trillion pound of greenhouse gases out of the air (smartenergyliving.org). By just changing out one incandescent light bulb the average house hold could save $50 - $75 yearly on their electric bill. The same can be said about refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and freezers. Buying Energy Star approved appliances reduces the amount of energy it takes to operate while at the same time reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. For decades now people have called environmentally friendly people “tree huggers”, and “hippies”. Little did they know these people have had the right idea all along. In the late 80’s recycling started to leave the lips of some of these liberal hippies, only to be spoken now in almost every household in the world (Laszlo, 125). Recycling plastics, paper goods and aluminums has become the topic of many politicians’ debates. Former president Bill Clinton has recently started an organization where people of influence make one commitment for the year to a worthy cause. As a result many people donated their time and efforts to the environment and its upkeep. Also The Alliance for Climate Protection founded by Al Gore supports the urgency for adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis. By purchasing

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