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Book review: Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists Every once in a while, there comes a book that offers an insightful and unique view into the digital art world. Furthermore, this book that not only gives an overview of digital art and it’s impact in the world, but utilizes examples by featuring different artists creating unique works of art while working with limited materials. This book happens to be called “Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists” a collaboration between Joseph Nalven, JD Jarvis and seventeen different artists. “Going Digital” is unique and fascinating paperback which not only gives an outline of how far the revolution of digital art has reached in the world, but also features seventeen different digital artists and an in depth look at how they create their digital works. Each artist is given three photographs (or in this case, seed images) to work with, and through individual uses of color, composition, and scale, attempt to create their own unique works of digital art. The book itself was published by the Course Technology PTR Company and is 432 pages long. As for the authors, Joseph Nalven is currently one of the leaders of the Digital Art Guild and is the editor for its webzine (magazine on the web). JD Jarvis has earned a MFA in Video and Mixed Media and founder of the design and printing service company Dunking Bird Productions. He is also a supporting editor and critic for many digital art related magazines and websites. Among the many things I enjoyed about this book was how vividly detailed everything was. It is just like a “how-to” book, only featured with the artists insights of digital art and media which seemed to be only about how it applies to business, history of art, even the negative aspects, “Going Digital” contains short records of individual views of the project they

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