Going Deeper Into The Setting f Wuthering Heights Essay

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Setting & Characters of Wuthering Heights The setting provides an illustration and framework for any story. Emily Brontë focuses on two settings; Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. These manors are both situated on the harsh and desolate moors of Yorkshire. She uses a Gothic backdrop to demonstrate a variety of moods and emotions portrayed by her characters. The temperament and disposition of a character as he or she is being developed is often affirmed by their physical surroundings. The representation of their morals and values are also a reflection of the setting. These tactics provide the reader a deeper understanding of the characters, and enhances the readers enjoyment. The residents of Wuthering Heights are generally mysterious, hostile, and their moral fiber is often questioned. The mystery and malevolence of the residents are clearly reflected in the foreboding, cold dark house in which they live. Wuthering Heights is situated on top of a ruthless hill on the moors, the terrain is rugged and risky to the unfamiliar traveler. Throughout the novel it is described during the most wretched of times, dark snowy nights, oppressive rainy days, and the cacophony of barking dogs. The reader is impressed by the wind rattling the hinges on doors and the buttress of windows beating against the walls of the house. The mood of despair is obvious to the reader. Heathcliff’s personality is shaped by the negative experiences to which he was exposed. These dark experiences are reflected by the setting of Wuthering Heights. An orphan hated since his birth, Heathcliff, grows up to become a cruel and immoral man. The physical depiction of Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff are similar. The house is described as “strong...narrow windows...deeply set in the wall, and the corners defended with large jutting stones”. Heathcliff is also tall and strong; like

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