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Godzilla: King of the Monsters 1956 Glendon De Magalhaes / U.S. History 2 / 1-31-08 Thesis: What is worse, the death of Tokyo Bay’s sea life, or the wrath of a 400ft prehistoric beast in the busy city of Tokyo. Setting: The setting of the movie is in Tokyo, Japan, a few years after the H-Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Plot: The plot of the story begins after a disaster had struck Tokyo to which we see American reporter Steve Martin, one of the wounded, speaking to Emiko about what had happened . In flashbacks, Martin tells of his layover in Tokyo on a routine assignment to Cairo for United World News, where he finds himself in the middle of a mass panic after several boats of the coast of Japan mysteriously sank…show more content…
Yamane, a paleontologist is consulted and, returning to the island with his daughter and her young naval-officer boyfriend Ogata to investigate the island that the supposed monster ravaged. They see the monster when it attacks the island village and soon realize that they are dealing with something far more terrible then previously imagined. Returning to Tokyo with clear evidence of the monster's existence, and power, Yamane becomes a leading consultant to Japan in mounting a defense after it becomes obvious the monster was going to attack Tokyo. The Japanese navy set out depth charges but to no avail since in the dark of night, the monster attacks Tokyo, and proves invulnerable to conventional military weaponry no matter how powerful they may be. They then set up another line of defense which was a barrier of high voltage power lines surrounding the city. Though they had everything planned Godzilla was unfazed by the feeble attempt and destroyed the city in mere minutes. Martin is one of millions injured in the attack, and here the flashback…show more content…
She loves the young naval officer, but had until recently been engaged to a young scientist Dr. Serizawa, who was also Steve Martin's friend in college. She had lost interest in him because he has become and outcast, to her and others. After her breaking up with him, he revealed to her the reason for his solitary confinement was because he had developed a formula capable of destroying all oxygen in water. In the process of which any animal coming in contact with the "oxygen destroyer" is stripped clean of all flesh and organs, reducing to the surrounding life to a harmless skeleton. His time had been spent over what to do with this discovery since he feared of the consequence of it falling in the wrong hands. She had agreed to keep her knowledge of this a secret. But with Godzilla loose, she realizes this may be the only thing capable of destroying the monster, and informs her boyfriend and father after the attack on

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