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Gods Children Essay

  • Submitted by: dimples17ally
  • on October 16, 2012
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"It was 45 years ago; it’s really five minutes to me. I can hear the sounds. I can hear every sound. I heard voices, but yet it was quiet. I heard people yelling, I heard noises from people falling and jumping, but yet it was quiet. I heard fire trucks, but yet it was quiet. That's the way I hear it now.” said by a survivor, John Raymond (Wttw). The Fire that started December 1, 1958 was treacherous and unexpected. Out of 1,600 children, 92 children and 3 nuns perished in this Catholic school fire.

To begin, Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School, in Chicago, educational home to about 1,600 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The catholic school was “Grandfathered into the system; Chicago’s municipal code at the time did not apply to pre-ordinance buildings built before 1949” (Cowan).While every legal rule was being followed with the fire safety laws at the time, the school was unfortunately unprepared for any kind of fire. “There was only one fire escape, no sprinklers, no automatic fire alarm, no smoke or heat detectors, no alarm connected to the fire department, no fire-resistant stairwells and no fire-safe doors from the stairwells to the second floor.”(Morgan) While the outside of the building was brick, the inside was made almost entirely of flammable items -, walls, floors, roof, doors and stairs - all were made of wood. In the entire school there was only two fire alarms which were both located in the south part of the building. Throughout the entire building there were only four fire extinguishers; which were placed seven feet off the floor, out of reach for students and most adults. The only fire escape in the building was near one end of the north side of the building but to get there it was required to pass through the main corridor, which was filled with suffocating smoke and superheated gases, making it impossible to go through.

Pursuing this further, “The fire started in the basement sometime between 2:00 and 2:20 that cold December...

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