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Due: 12/3/2012 Euripides and The Suffering of Women In ancient Greek times the role of women in society was very unlike that of today, where women can hold high positions in communitys and can easily support themselfs. Ancient Greek women were usually housewifes or even courteseans, slaves or mistrisses. The lives and feelings of women are seldom discussed when it comes to ancient Greek history, because glory on the battlefeild came first in most Ancient Greek societes, with a few exceptions. The Ancient Greek playwright, Euripides, gives us a view of the hardships wemon faced while their husbands were off to or killed in war, or abandon them for a different woman. The hardships they faced were no simple matters or easy to overcome, as the actions of their husbands or fathers directly affected them and there was very little they could about it. This is evident in a few of Euripedes most famous plays, such as Medea, Electra, Hecabe, and Trojan Women. These plays portray the emotions of greif and distress the main characters feel after they experence very emotionally disastarious situations. The wit of these women is not go unnoticed either, as they all carfully and skillfully enact what revenge they can upon their enemies, even if the revenge harms them in the end as well. The hardships women faced in war time with husbands and children out killing and getting killed are most evident in the plays Hecabe and Torjan Women, and even in Electra, however not as clearly seen as the latter two. The main character of Hecabe and Trojan Women is the wife of the late King Priam of Tory who was killed in the sacking of troy during the Trojan War, Hecabe. In Homers poem The Illiad, little is said of Hecabe and what happens to her after the war, as is such it is left to Euripides to speculate the as to the greif she must be feeling after her country was destroyed and

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