Godfather Death: Analysis Of Death

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“Godfather Death”: Analysis of Death Generally speaking, parents only want what is best for their children. Parents are willing to do whatever it takes to provide and nurture their child to the greatest of their abilities. In some cases, this can occasionally mean handing a precious child over to someone else such as a godparent. Parents often make mistakes especially the first time through. These unintentional mistakes can potentially ruin a child without the parent even realizing it. The objective of the parent may be very good, but it just does not turn out as well as it was planned. The short story, “Godfather Death” by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm portrays a story that most every family can relate to in some way or another; a situation where the father figure spoils his child and consequently sets his son up for failure. Grimm’s “Godfather Death” is an in depth study of human nature and Death’s want to be human. However, instead he learns that his role requires him to remain alone and impartial. Death is chosen to be the godfather of the boy because of his position. The birth father specifies that Death “take the rich and the poor without distinction” (Grimm 12). Death, naturally unbiased, takes the boy for who he is and shows no preference. For so long, Death has been isolated and alone. Death longs to be human and possess human characteristics, such as compassion, love, and trust. The chance at being a father appeals to these desires. The father of the boy only wants the best godfather for his son and he knows that Death is eager to take on a new role. Death arrives at the baptism of the boy and stands there as the proper godfather. The godson receives his christening present as well as his new occupation from his godfather, but not without a stern warning. “But beware of using the herb against my will, or it will turn out badly for you” (Grimm 12). Death

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