Godfather Analysis

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I’m taking a film appreciation class and I recently had to write up an analysis of The Godfather Part I. I watched it twice and I was completely blown away at how amazing it was. Last time I watched the entire trilogy I was 9 and I really didn’t remember anything. (*SPOILER* Except for the horse head in the bed, that freaked me out when I was young. ) Now realize that this is different from a review. I had to write it tailored to my teachers questions. And there are spoilers. The Godfather introduces you to the life of an Italian-American mobster family. This brilliantly written film shows a realistic view of the mobs in the 1940’s and 50’s. It’s a dark yet a human portrayal of men who were greatly feared in that time period. This classic Francis Ford Coppola film authentically portrays mobs like we’ve never seen before. The theme of the movie can almost be summed up in one line from the film, “It wasn’t personal, just business.” This relation between family and business is what pops up throughout the film. We see the contrast between Vito Corleone and his son Michael. Vito Corleone is sort of this standard for how a strong leader should be. He’s strong when it comes to the business and he’s caring when it comes to his family. He keeps his word and he’s honest, but if you cross him, you better wish you never messed with the Corleones. His youngest son Michael chose not to be involved with the family business. Instead he joined the marines, where he fights in the Pacific and comes home a war hero. But when his father is almost shot to death, Michael joins in with his brothers to avenge their father. We watch as Michael becomes the cold blooded killer that vengeance requires him to be. The theme of the film contemplates his dynamic change of character. We see a correlation of how Vito and Michael each ran the family business. While Vito spent his last minutes of
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