Goddess of Kali

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Kali is one of the most well-known and worshipped Hindu Goddesses to this day. Kali is known as The Dark Mother and her bond with children is a relationship one would consider very unique. When it comes to children she forms a very intimate bond. Many people think of Kali as a destroyer but she destroys things only to recreate them again such as sin. It is believed that she goes into the darkness with us, and for us, to swallow our sins, worries and concerns. The Goddess of Kali has many different names. The name Kali is derived from the Hindu word that means "time” and that also means "black". Kali means darkness but she takes away the darkness. Kali also means she who is beyond time. Kali also means Mother Nature and Energy of Wisdom. She is a manifestation of the Divine Mother, which represents the female principle and that is why a lot of women respect Kali more than men usually do. Kali symbolizes many different things. Her blackness symbolizes her nature, her nudity symbolizes somewhat the same things as blackness but her nudity also sets her free and many people say she is the bright fire of truth not hidden by the trapping of ignorance. Kali’s four arms represent a circle of creation and destruction. The sword symbolizes knowledge that cuts through everyone’s ignorance. Her three eyes represent the sun, moon, and fire for which she observes the past, present and future. She is also full-breasted which symbolizes wisdom and also knowledge. Kali’s white teeth represents purity and her red tongue shows that all the things she consumes she enjoys and enjoys different flavors. To this day many people preform ritual practices to worship the Goddess of Kali. Thousands of people still go to shrines and temples to worship and honor Kali. To her worshippers she represents a multi-faced goddess. Back in the day when people would worship her they offered human or

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