Goddess figure of Casablanca

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Where is the goddess? In the move Casablanca Rick is going through the path to heroism. Rick was stuck in the underworld or Casablanca because he was lacking the goddess figure. But, when the goddess returens he completes his journey to heroism. This is with the Apotheosis or self sacrifice in the end of the movie. When Rick plans with Ilsa on leaving the country together, he finally decides it is time to exit the underworld and complete his path to heroism. Then after that he begins his second experience of the path of heroism by guiding Louis. The apotheosis is when Rick, Ilsa, Victor, and Louis are in the airport hanger, and Rick gives Victor and Ilsa the letters of transit. Rick made Ilsa believe that he was going to use the letters of transit for them two and leave Victor out. He did this so that Ilsa would come to the hanger. His act of Apotheosis is when he gives the letters to Victor for him and Ilsa to leave the country. This self sacrifice of Rick to give up the letters of transit was so uncharacteristic of him that Louis was shocked. This shows that Rick has been stuck in the underworld for some time, and everyone knows it. So, when Rick sticks his neck out of someone, everyone notices. This goes back to a quote of Rick that he said when he cooperated with the police for the arrest of Ugarte, “I don’t stick my neck out for anyone” (Bogart). This change in personality shows the change in character which will lead to the change from the underworld to heroism. The next test he had to pass was the overcoming of the threshold monster. In this movie the threshold monster was Major Strasser. Major Strasser does not just represent one person but the entire Nazi movement. A major theme throughout the movie was that Rick says that he stays neutral but it is obvious to the viewers that he is supporting the revolution. Here is when he publically displays his
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