God's Word Essay

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Lesson 3 wise and foolish builders Matthew 7:24-27 Obey the word Teacher’s Devotional Can you name three ways in which information technology has changed your life in the past few years? Searching the Internet is now so common that “to google” has become a verb. Access to news and information is available even on our phones. We can talk with nearly anyone, anywhere. There’s an expert readily available for nearly any project! Although information is now easy to gain, wisdom is still more rare: No matter the technology, only God’s Word even begins to give us the foundation of wisdom we need! “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22 For Younger Child ren: God’s Word “Obey God’s Word.” The way to have wisdom and confidence is to obey God’s comm ands. God’s Word & M e To help yourself and your kids hone in on the powerful and vital truths of God’s Word, take stock of your own “Bible information highway.” In what life situations have Bible stories or verses carried you through difficult days? Guided you when there seemed no path? What new understandings have you gained recently through this “living and powerful” book? Write them down—they’re important! While the children in your class vary in their skill levels, they are all moving toward mastery of reading and comprehension (even if they never read actual paper-and-ink books). Of all the information to which they have access, they mainly need the firm foundation the Bible has to offer them. It’s more than information; it is the key to transformation! Take this opportunity to fan the flame of love for God’s Word. Tell about times and ways in which His Word has shown you how to deal with a problem. Invite them to tell favorite verses or stories and about times when God used His Word to help them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use this time to stir up
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