God Of War Essay

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What it do nephews? Welcome back to the violent world of ancient Greece. But whatever! Scroll down and read the walkthrough already! ENOUGH TALK, FIGHT!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ DOMINATION - GAMEPLAY ASPECTS +++ --CONTROLS (KRATOS) X BUTTON: JUMP/DOUBLE JUMP/SWIM/GLIDE SQUARE BUTTON: LIGHT ATTACK/DIVE CIRCLE BUTTON: GRAB TRIANGLE BUTTON: HARD ATTACK L1 BUTTON: BLOCK/DEFLECT WITH FLEECE L2 BUTTON: ACTIVATE MAGIC R1 BUTTON: ACTION BUTTON R2 BUTTON: SUB-WEAPON --CONTROLS: (PEGASUS) X BUTTON: PEGASUS DASH (drains magic power) SQUARE BUTTON: LIGHT ATTACK TRIANGLE BUTTON: HARD ATTACK CIRCLE BUTTON: GRAB L1 BUTTON: DASH LEFT R1 BUTTON: DASH RIGHT ON TO THE WALKTHROUGH!

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