God Of Small Things Essay

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Chapter 1- Paradise Pickles and Preserves Rahel returns to Ayemenem to see Estha, her twin brother. They were introduced as a “rare breed of Siamese twins” for when they were able to know the thoughts of the other without speaking when they were young. Flashbacks about their parents and how they separated were also mentioned. Then, the narrative moves to Sophie Mol’s funeral. She was the twins’ cousin. The narrator also tells about the point where Ammu, their mother, reported to the police the mistake they made. Weeks after that, Estha was brought to his father. The adult lives of the twins were briefly mentioned before their return to Ayemenem. Baby Kochamma’s background was also stated. She is the grandaunt of the twins. Rahel reminisces on the events resulting to Sophie mol’s death. Chapter 2- Pappachi’s Moth In the town of Cochin, the twins, Ammu, Baby Kochamma, and Chacko (Ammu’s elder brother, Margaret’s husband) were about to pick up Sophie Mol and Margaret Kochamma. Then, they decided to watch The Sound of Music but they were setback by a rally by the Marxists. Rahel sees Velutha, her friend, who apparently is an “Untouchable.” She greets him but Ammu slaps her angrily. Flashbacks, again, were presented. They were about Velutha’s relationship with the family, how the twins loved him like a father. Baby Kochamma is made to wave a Communist flag. Rahel claims that she did not see Velutha afterall. Then, they drive away. Chacko says that Ammu and the twins are burdens to him. Chapter 3- Big Man the Laltain, Small Man the Mombatti In the present, it is shown how Baby Kochamma and Kochu Maria, a servant, paid no attention to the Ayemenen house. Estha comes home, undresses and washes his clothes, as Rahel watches. Chapter 4- Abhilash Talkies The family arrives at the cinema. Estha sings along to the movie and Ammu gets irritated so she sends him out.

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