God Looks Like a Jellyfish

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God looks like a Jellyfish A Short Essay What does God look like? How does he exist ‘shapely’? How can this great being and conscience exist and yet have no structure? Personally, from my own World View, I believe that God is simply energy, a statement that I believe, neither raises the concept of God up or lessens it; God is the underlying energy of everything. I could go on to, what I believe about where God is, but that is for another essay. As being proved in many laboratories the world over, energy is a wonderful thing that we are still discovering the properties and uses of. Without energy, for example, there would be no respiration, and then where would we be? And if God is energy, and energy is so important, this casts an interesting view on the almighty being. Energy is a powerful thing and, allegedly, can create matter. But that is by the way. The curious title may have been the thing that attracted you to this piece, thinking ‘what does he mean?’ You would be quite right, but let me explain myself. I mean to say that God exists, in his metaphysical self, in a theistic form that slightly resembles the unrelated, humble jellyfish, not that God is one. While deliberating the form of God, having previously worked out where God dwells, I came up with this diagram. It shows something that looks like a Jellyfish, but on the whole it looks a bit random. Interpret it as you will; a Jellyfish was my first thought. Before you become completely confused, let me explain. The large oval shape, the head of the jellyfish, is supposed to show God in his creator form, the force and the energy that underlies all things. This part of God is more commonly told worldwide as ‘God the Father’. The circles I've put at the end of the ‘tentacles’ represent us humans or possibly, our souls, and so the tentacles themselves, the strands of energy (God) that connect us to God
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