God Is Dead Essay

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God is Dead Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed that God was “dead,” and that the awfulness of man killed him, leaving humanity to a world of secularism. At first, one may interpret this statement blasphemous and shocking, but through further analysis, Nietzsche describes God’s “death” in The Gay Science, in reference to his functionality, which is to create law, order, and morals that are used to mold society. So Nietzsche’s statement asserts that God’s functionality is no longer necessary, as society is moving towards a more secular attitude regarding life. To the extent that there are still small groups of people, like African tribes or European countries the size of Maryland, that rely on God as the basis for their laws, God is being used cynically, and this misuse and misrepresentation of God has also led to his death. The statement that God is dead asserts three things regarding Nietzsche and his background: He is not an atheist, because he must have believed God was alive at one point for him to have died. Secondly, he is unhappy about the death of God, saying “How shall we confront ourselves, the murderers of all murderers,” (Nietzsche, The Gay Science, Section 125)? And finally, he is referring to the murderers of God collectively, saying, “We have killed him,” (Nietzsche S. 125). This excerpt from his famous statement connects back to the fact that God is dead as a function of creating law. Nietzsche wrote near the ends of a great philosophic movement in Germany and thus he had several great thinkers to work off of. Nietzsche was a German philosopher in the mid to late 19th century who was inspired by the works of Georg Hegel and Ludwig Feuerbach. Georg Hegel was a dominating figure in German philosophy half a century before Nietzsche and he is well credited for birthing German idealism. His concept of absolute idealism and rationalism inspired

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