God As Woman

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"REFLECTION" Assignment NAME:_____Allison Gallant Lake_________________ Christian Relationships, Marriage & the Family - Atlantic Union College – Dr. Richard Trott - 2005 "God As Woman – Blasphemy Or Blessing?" By James Londis 1. You MUST FIRST READ the following "lecture" by James Londis. 2. Once you have read this article (first published in Spectrum, Volume 15, No. 4, December, 1984), then answer the following questions. Please remember that these are to be "reflective" answers --- that is, reflective of your personal response to the issues raised in this "lecture." There are therefore, no absolutely right or wrong answers – except as your answers do not show that you have read this “lecture” and thoughtfully answered in the context of that reading. Your reflections must therefore relate directly to this article and show that you have indeed read and are responding to this "lecture." 25 Points Possible A) In what ways are women responsible for original sin, if at all, according to Londis? • The woman is the seductress who lured the man to join her in rebellion against God. She is the reason the world is a lace of suffering. B) To what degree do you agree with Londis' point of view that "women should have social, political, and ecclesiastical rights equal to men"? • I feel that the woman should have many of the same rights as men in many aspects of life (work, voting, etc.) However, I do feel that men are supposed to be the head of the church and the head of the household. C) Explain briefly your reactions to Londis' statement: "If a body is not essential to God's deity, then maleness cannot be essential either." • I fully agree with this statement. We believe in God even though we can’t physically see the body. It should not matter whether or not God is a male or
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