Goblin Markey Lines 81 - 183 Essay

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Write about the ways Rossetti tells the story in lines 81 – 183 of ‘Goblin Market’. Christina Rossetti was an extremely proto-feminist poet who lived in the 19th century, her most famous piece Goblin Market was a tale of two sisters, one who got caught up by goblins with their lavish and spell bound fruits, the poem tells a story of sacrifice for ones sister and about resisting temptation with biblical connotations. Lines 81 – 183 contain many elements of a fairytale also it is laced with repetition and alliteration to suggest an idea of persuasion. The warning signs are evident as there are references to ‘lilies’, which represent honesty and innocence; this allows Rossetti to highlight flaws in her character. Rossetti uses the literary technique of implementing symbols to introduce a fairytale element into Goblin Market. Symbolic language such as ‘swan’ and ‘lily’ represent delicacy love and elegance presenting a dream like feel. This language has been used by Rossetti to add a sense of hope, as fairytales normally have a happy ending, this could be seen through the word ‘vessel’ as it is a journey to self discovery. Rossetti’s feelings towards men are displayed where Rossetti uses the term ‘queer brother’ which presents a male without decorative adjectives. Therefore, it can be strongly seen that Rossetti feelings are portrayed through her work. Rossetti shows a consistent negative image of the goblin men throughout the poem, as nothing ever positive is ever said about ‘men’. The dialogue of the male voices in the poem are tasteless, ‘come buy come buy’, and Rossetti creates a strong dehumanizing effect on the goblin men in the poem as it progresses to cause the reader to be disgusted by them. This adds to the surprise of Laura being persuaded by the goblin men and shocks the reader. The dehumanization of the goblin men can be seen where they are

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