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Megan Morris Professor Carles Student Success 24, September 2012 Goals Paper Hopes and dreams can be endless. But every human being has an ending point, which contradicts to the magical importance of a dream. God created a human race for a reason and that reason is to have a purpose on earth, whether it’s being the president of the United States or being an unemployed citizen. A goal is like an apple on a tree. There can be many apples on that tree but it’s determination regards falling out of the tree or maintaining strength to hold onto the tree. In this paper I will talk about my personal, academic, and career goals that I would like to achieve in the next few years. My question is will I fall off the tree, or have the motivation and drive to hold onto the tree? My long-term personal goal is to have 5% body fat by 2016, and to be an extremely healthy and fit woman. This goal is significant to me because it is a necessary factor in my career as an Athletic Trainer, and without this accomplishment I would unlikely be fit for the position. In order to be successful with this goal I must be very active and maintain a balanced diet. I would like to eat healthy 5 days a week, and exercise at least 4 days a week. My intermediate goal is to learn how to cook exotic and healthy meals by 2014 so that I will be comfortable with an adjustment to new foods. By spring 2013, I will have tried a new food every week that I was never eager to try before, such as fruits, vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, I have a habit to eat whatever I am craving, which pertains to anything sweet or salty. I will overcome this challenge by substituting junk food for healthy food that contains protein, potassium, fiber, etc. Also if this obstacle occurs I will stay in shape by running 2 miles at least 3 times a week. In addition, my academic goals are set the highest. I am attending

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