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Goals Paper College Success Skills Having goals is a very important part of being successful. Whether you are in high school, college, or already have a job or career, you need to set short and long term goals. I have many short and long term goals for myself. While mainly focusing on my long term goals, I have divvied them up into three major categories. First, I plan on becoming healthier for my personal long term goal. Secondly, I plan on graduating with my AA degree for my academic long term goal. Finally, for my long term career goal, I plan on being a Physical Therapist or be in the Sports Medicine field. Living and becoming healthier is something everyone talks about (especially for New Year resolutions). How does one actually achieve this? Well first is setting short term goals such as eating a healthier diet. You must come to accept that the scale does not lie, but think optimistically, the number you see will change. For a short term goal I plan on doing those things, along with exercising on a regular basis to reach my loss of 5 pounds. Preferably, I would like to lose this within 6 months. While achieving my short term goal, I plan to make exercising a regular hobby of mine to maintain, in order to reach my long term goal of being healthier. I am currently aiming for my AA degree at Brevard Community College. My long term academic goal is to graduate. Going further, I not only want to graduate, but would like for my transcript to show this academically. I want good grades. In order to do this, you must identify any areas that may be problematic. Like the fact that I am not the best at writing, so finding out what resources your school offers is extremely beneficial. At BCC there is something called the Learning Lab. They offer many things that students may utilize such as a place to work with tutors in all areas (Math, reading, writing). Students

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