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Goals Paper In life, it is important to set goals. Many people set their goals high to challenge themselves, while others set them low to say that they accomplished something. Having goals can keep you on the right track to accomplish them, and set your mind on something. If you did not set your goals, your life path may veer in different directions that may cause you to break. I have set quite a few goals for myself because I want to make my dream come true. This dream I am dreaming is not only mines but also my parents. They always want to see me achieve something in life and make them proud. For me to help form my dreams I will have to overcome many obstacle and challenges in life, and I am ready to do so because I have the support and help from my not only my family but friends also. My long-term goal is to stay at a healthy weight of 150 pounds and eat a balance diet because my family has a medical history of diabetes and high blood pressure. I do not want that to catch up to me so that is why I have made a workout plan for myself. For me to be able to stay at a healthy weight and balance diet, I will start by working out at Planet Fitness every other day for about one hour a day. One of my obstacles is to fix my eating habit because I do not have a set time I eat and when I do it, it is nothing but junk food. They best way for me to overcome my obstacle is to make a schedule and maximize my at home time so that I can cook healthy. I would like to add a mix of fruits and vegetables to my diet. I will set some time in the evening to start cooking healthier. I don’t want to just do a diet I want to change my lifestyle, if I stay constant I will be able to move on to my next goal, which is to lose 15 lbs. in order for me to accomplish this I have to give up some of the shopping and going out at all hours. By getting into a rhythm, I want to start by losing

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