Goals of karate

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5 Goals of The Karateka RESPECT FOR OTHERS-To be kind and thoughtful to others. You should always show respect and politeness to friend’s family and people in general. To show politeness and respect treat PEOPLE the way you want to be treated. MIND AND BODY- To show that you know what you can do. But also so that you have self control. To do this exp. {think before you talk.} In the same respect do what is necessary at the time. SELF CONFIDENCE-To know that you can do it. Show that are brave enough to do anything. But at the same time to know not to be nervous or scared. With this it is easier to do some tasks. SELF DISCIPLINE- To make sure that you are doing the right thing and that you are training yourself the right way. To teach your self right from wrong. SELF DEFENCE- It is not to be able to punch hard or kick high. It is to be able to defend yourself in the correct way. You can defend yourself by verbal agreement or just walk away. But the physical part of karate should be used with care. If someone should try to harm you then you can defend yourself but only at certain times. WHERE TO USE KARATEKA-Anywhere and everywhere. You should always use karateka because that is the correct thing to do. Not only will it help you in life it will also make you feel good, not doubtful or worried something bad will happen. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FUTURE AFTER USING KARTEKA-You will be more trusted and cared for by others. Family or friends will appreciate it dearly and eventually it will become part of your everyday basice. CONCLUTION- If not done the consequences will be horrible. For not just you’re self but all the people around you. You will not get any respect or trust from the people you need it from the most. You can not disobey or argue and should always be polite not rude and in a rush. Always try to be the best you can be,that is what the 5 rules are
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