Goals in Life Essay

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To many high school students, ‘music’, ‘sports’, and ‘hobbies’ are the things that shape his or her identity. To me, my experience of living in a chaotic house is a huge factor that shaped my personality. I came from a family of ten, who resides in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama. I have five brothers who ages range from fourteen to three years old. I have two older sisters which are twenty and twenty-four. Living with this many people was fairly difficult but I learned so many life lessons during the process. I enjoy singing, dancing, spending quality time with friends, exercising, and shopping. During high school I participated in Key club, Spanish club, FBLA, and Undivided club. I was also a member of the Buccanettes, which was my high school dance team, for three years. I enjoy math which is way my major is accounting. Upon graduating Tennessee State University I plan to become a chief financial officer of a well established accounting firm. My experience here at Tennessee State University so far as a first year freshman has been wonderful with the exception of almost going back home. I was purged the first week and I had no idea how my mom and I were going to be able to pay the balance we owed to the university. I was all out of options and was about to give up. I fell on my knees and begged God for his grace and mercy. The day before the last purged day I received a grant, qualified for a loan, and received a scholarship from the College of Business. The amount covered everything plus books. This experience truly made me closer to God. I am so happy I decided to attend Tennessee State University. The upperclassmen are nice and very helpful and I have made lots of friends. I cannot wait until I start joining different organizations to be active on

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