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Amanda Scroggin ANSC 314 Writing Assignment 1 9-30-2014 Achievement Goals What is a Goal? How do I set a goal for myself? Do I really need to set goals in order to be successful? These are just a few questions that have just recently been tugging at my brain, especially after my first round of exams. What can I do different to do better next time? After reading the article by Jennifer Archer, I have learned that it is important to set goals. If I do not have anything to work for then I most likely won’t work as hard to be successful. Another important thing I learned is that there are different levels of goals, different levels of learning and different ways of working toward goals that have previously been set. Two of the main goal-orientations discussed in Jennifer Archers article are performance and mastery goals. Performance goals demonstrate ability rather than the amount of effort put forth. People who set performance goals are often focused on out performing others, for example, getting good grades. On the other hand, Mastery goals, seek to learn the information. Mastery goals are those that do not focus on ability but the amount of hard work and effort. Mastery goals promote intellectual growth and using a positive attitude in order to be successful. I have never really set goals before, however I think it is time I start. To begin, it is important to decide exactly what it is that I want to improve. Well, this being my first semester as a college student, it would be fair to say that I do not know how to study. My first round of tests have all of the evidence to show. So, my goal is to learn to study better which will result in better test grades. According to the article, this would be both a mastery goal and a performance goal because good grades come from good effort. I want to further develop my competence on studying in order to increase my

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