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In hockey one of the many debates is “who is greatest goalies of all time?” although not all will agree with me this is something I hold close to my heart. Being a goalie throughout my life I have always paid more attention to whose in net, and for the matter in my mind who is the best. Not this will forever be debated as there is not a clear number best of all time by a long shot; it’s something that has to be broken down by more than just pure stats. I will look at the formation of teams and just how hard games really were goaltenders. Now Bob says the top five should go as followed from five to one, Georges Vezina, Terry Sawchuk, Martin Brodeur, Jacques Plante, Patrick Roy. Now that’s not a bad list but I think guys like Vezina and Plante…show more content…
Ken Dryden. Now I knew ken Dryden was a good goalie, but before or class a few weeks ago I had never looked into it. He has easliy the best status on the list minus the shutouts but still any goalie who wins as much as Dryden needs to be on this list, and looking back at his career that’s all he did. Dryden attended a US college not far from here to become a law major and played a little hockey on the side as it seems. In his tree years at Cornel he had an amazing 76-4-1 record winning the ECAC tournament all tree years. He was then put on Montréal’s AHL team and probably would have won the AHL championship had he not been called up to win the cup and the Conn Smythe Trophy. All this before he could even win the Calder. Not a bad start to an NHL career. Dryden would go on to winner the Calder in his first full season and in years later he would fill his hand with cup rings and his trophy case with five Vezina. The one shot people will take against Dryden is the fact there were only six teams in the league and five other goalies this is why he sits at four on my list. Although had Montréal give him the contract he wanted Dryden had the possibly to be number one on many hockey fans list. And just for good measure when an EA sport made a legendary Canadians team to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the team Dryden was the starting goalie, 98 overall two points better than…show more content…
Martin Brodeur. Now here’s where the list gets interesting. Many people will say Marty is the best of all time but I am going to have to disagree. Yes the man hold many NHL records including win shutouts and playoff wins, but he has also played more game and minutes then any other goalie. And now we move to trophy’s 3 cup yes but not as many as Roy and 4 Vezina’s not to bad but looking back at the status for Brodeur’s last Vezina win in 08 really made me think just why he won. The Vezina is a stat based trophy and I don’t think anyone will argue that, so let’s look at the stats from 08. He played 77 games finished 5th in goals against average, 9th in shutouts, 8th in save percentage, and 2nd in wins. Now will use those as the more important stat categories, he was first in only one which was games played and tied with Evgeni Nabokov. In all but one category Nabokov was ahead of Brodeur, that one being save percentage. So how does a guy one was clearly number 2 in the league in almost all major goaltending stats win the Vezina? In my opinion 08 was a popularity contest in which Brodeur won but looking at the status Nabokov should have won. Now throughout his career Brodeur played on a very good defensive team most of the time with two future hall of fame d men and they played the trap to boot. Throughout his time with the devils he has had 24.6 shots per game average and in games where he has had more he becomes a very average goalie. Another stat that come to mind is

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