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Master’s of Arts in General Psychology Shauntay Mitchell Personal/Professional Goals When I think about my future career I think about all the hard work and dedication that I am going to have put forth. I remind myself daily that working hard and achieving success will be a constant action that I will need to maintain. My goal is to successfully become a Psychologist in a correctional setting and focus on the needs of those suffering from years of unidentified social and/or mental illness†. My plan of study at Walden University would include psychology with a concentration in forensics to better understand mental illness and disorders. In doing my thesis paper, I plan to study and prepare a research paper on forensics. My personal experience with a very close neighbor of mine was diagnosed with a mental disability, which was believed to play a huge role in minor crimes committed, I have been drawn to become more aware of these illnesses to include depression and manic disorders. My goal is to determine the mental state and competency of the defendant at the time of the crime, and throughout the legal proceedings. Each of these issues blends law topics and psychology together, and is essential to the field of Forensic Psychology. Psychologists use their knowledge of psychology to analyze a criminal's mind and intent, treat mentally ill offenders, practice within the civil arena, and consult with attorneys. My goal is to maintain a position of leadership in a mental disabilities program in a facility where there my expert advice is vital to the decisions made regarding delinquents in a prison or jail. I plan to promote awareness of mental illnesses and behavior patterns commonly associated with crime. I feel that my marketing experience will be of service in reaching out to the public and educating them on the signs of these disorders, as well as the

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