Goal Setting Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Goal-Setting Worksheet Identify and describe one short-term and one long-term academic goal and one personal goal. Analyze the goals using SMART criteria. |Goals |Specific |Measurable |Attainable |Relevant |Time frame | |Short-term goal: |To complete my daily |I know that this goal |This goal is very |I think this is |The time frame is | | |work and activities on |is attainable because |attainable because I |realistic and relevant|about 6 weeks, I don't| | |time each week and pass |all I have to do is |have set my mind to |be realistic, and yes |think that is very | | |my first block of |focus and make sure I |it. I have developed |my goal is very |long which is why it | | |classes |turn in quality work. |appropriate study |realistic. It is more |is a short term goal | | | | |times, and will try to|than possible for me |of mine. | | | | |do my best each and |to make good grades | | | | | |every time. |and pass my classes. | | |Long-term goal: |To finish school and |Yes it is measurable, |It is attainable, |This goal is very |The time frame is two | | |earn my degree. |because I am working |because it is |relevant to me and |years, I think that is| | | |towards it. |something that I want |also very

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