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Goal setting assignment The exercise that will be performed along this 6 month period is a 60 yard dash. The target behavior that I will pay most attention to is work ethic and hustle. In this particular case the target behavior is a deficit. The outcome goal here is to reduce the time in seconds that it takes Billy to complete a 60 yard dash. This specific performance goal over this time period is to reduce the time six tenths of a second. This will reduce the time from 7.3 seconds to 6.7 seconds. Over the six month period in the first 30 days, Billy will have reduced his time 1 tenth of a second. Over a two month period it will have reduced 2 tenths. Three months, 3 tenths, four months, 4 tenths, five months, 5 tenths, and by the end of the sixth months his time will be reduced to 6.7 seconds if not better. These are the six behavior objectives that need to be achieved every 30 days, shaving 1 tenth of a second off each month. One behavior objective that is going to help Billy reach his target goal is strength training. Another would be intense cardio workouts and increased intake of food with more nutritional value. When it comes to the smart format the following information can be considered. S- The goal is to reduce Billy’s 60 yard dash time by 6 tenths of a second by excessive strength training, cardio and nutrition. M- This will be measured with a standard stopwatch. A-This goal is very attainable, Billy wants to improve is 60 yard dash which should ultimately improve is overall speed. This is very important to him. He wants to become faster no matter what R- This is a very realistic goal. It is very possible to decrease his time by 1 tenth of a second each month. T- The time of this trail will be from May 1st to October 31st. He would like to achieve a 1 tenth or better shaved off his time each month. May 1-May 31- reduced time to 7.2 seconds or

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