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Week 3 Career Goals Reflection How do you think your academic program will help you achieve our career goals? I will learn public health regulations, accounting, marketing, communication, personnel managements and other managerial skills in a health administration bachelor’s program. A Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration will prepare me to oversee the finances, human resources, community services and business operations at hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. I have worked many years in the healthcare field and I want to take my career to the next level. The BS program will serve as a gateway for better options and more opportunities. How might you use your Career Exploration Plan Worksheet to develop specific career goals? Having an outline of the career goals will keep me motivated and gives a benchmark for what I have achieved and what’s left to be accomplished. It’s important for me to challenge my goals by having a deadline. The worksheet will help plan and follow through on my achievements. I plan to have an entry level position as a Healthcare Specialist at UNC by 7/31/2015. Reviewing my CPEW frequently will keep me focused and determined in making the deadline. Why is it important for you to plan your career while you earn your degree? I fear I may lose sight of my career path as the years go by. The workplace is ever changing and with that each of us continues to grow. That being said, what you are interested in today my change by graduation. Planning helps guide us so the career we choose fulfills our personal needs and ambition.

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