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Goal Setting Fran-Marie Grant Ohio Christian University Computer Skills for College IT1002 Ingrid Buch-Wagler October 8, 2013 Abstract Goal setting involves establishing specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T) goals. The theory of goal setting suggest that an effective tool for making progress is to ensure, whether in a group of on a personal level. Setting goals helps people work towards their own objectives, most commonly with financial or career based goals. Goals are a form of motivation that sets the standard of self-satisfaction with performance. Achieving the goal one has set for oneself is a measure of success. Goals do not necessarily have to be big. If you set goals too high you might become over whelmed and just give up. This is why small goals are ideal because you can achieve then and the setbacks won’t knock you down so hard. Introduction: Why is a personal or career focus on goal setting so critical? This paper provides an overview and refresher about setting great goals. Here, you’ll find background and ideas on how to establish a goal setting approach in your personal life and career, designed to guide you toward implementing your goal setting strategies. This guide is appropriate for use by a business to support performance management policy making, by business managers to understand and execute their role in guiding their team members as they set their goals. Also, by individuals as they write strong stretch goals that will help move their lives and business forward. Make the content work for you in executing a consistent and effective goal setting approach. Goal Setting How would someone go about setting goals? According to the website www.mintools.com/page6.html, by James Manktelow and Amy Carlson, the first thing when setting goals is

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