Goal Selection Essay

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Goal Selection Matching hypothesis is a way of sorting out what goals increase well-being, according to the textbook. My example is of when I first started my classes on real state, I really thought I wanted to be on a Real State business, I wanted to be the same of those people who sit down and sell house. I thought that was going to make a difference not on only on my life but in my family’s as well. But when I got into I notice that it was not something I desired, and I did not even learned that much. I made a decision and call the university, because I wanted to register to get a psychology degree, which psychology is something I have always been interest in. I had to go to school to get my GED, first which it was the requirement, for me to register at the University, so I can reach my goal. I am happy that I chose psychology, and I have been happy with these courses, not only that but I am learning, and getting an experience and it fits me; because it has to do with my mental capacities, it also reflect my values and my motives. I know it is going to be a well-being for me on the future, because it will generate knowledge, which it will make me a better individual and well-being financially. For me, choosing psychology, I would say it was a good selection, especially when it has a meaning and have some value and motives on my life, and it fulfills my needs, that I would think it is a well-being that is worthwhile in my

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