Goal Oriented Essay

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I have participated in taking the GEMS survey to find out which grand type I fit into. In my results they have revealed that I am a goal oriented thinker and a team Strategist. I agree with which category this survey put me in because I am very motivated to reach goals that I set in my life. Some of the characteristics of my grand type are being self directed, dependent, and highly motivated to achieve my goals. In this survey I agree more than disagree on the traits it says I should posses. I see myself as a very self directed employee. I have always taken charge of my own work and have never had to be micromanaged. I believe that the more independent I am at work the faster I will move up the ladder. If I fail to be self directed it will only hinder my acceleration with the company. To prove I can not only handle working without being watched over and eventually be able to become a supervisor I feel that being self directed is a key trait to have to better your position in a company. This leads me into being highly motivated, every positions I have had has resulted in me being promoted to a higher level. Setting goals have helped me gain many positions of leadership in my life. I have always been able to achieve my goal of being promoted. The way I see it, is that you should never settle for what you have because no matter what you can always learn more and advance yourself within life and or a job. There are a few traits that I think I do posses that I scored low on. First, having flexibility is one area I scored only a one percent. In many instances both in my life and in work I have no choice but to be flexible. In my life as a mother of two and a military spouse, at any moment I could be thrown for a loop. Most of my occupations have been in the banking industry and there is not very much room to be

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