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¨Go Green¨, ¨Treehugger¨, ¨Got Green¨, “Recycle”, all phrases that you can find on T-shirts, grocery bags and handbags. Protecting the environment has always been an issue that is discussed by many, but not until recently has it become this massive obsession. You cannot turn on the TV or listen to the radio or walk down the street without being reminded that the environment should be protected and that people should start going green. Going green has become a phenomenon which has made a whole lot easier for individuals to be a part of the “GO GREEN” community. If a person is interested in changing their life style and helping the community to go green, the first place they should start is at their home. Going green at home does not only mean eating healthier or recycling. Nowadays there are many different brands of products that are safer for the environment. There are eco-friendly cleaning products, like “Seventh Generation” cleaning products that can be found at most grocery stores. There are also beauty supplies like Laventine. There are water and air filters, furniture made from natural recycled materials, baby products, like bamboo and cotton blankets. You can find an eco-friendly replacement for everything you use in your every day life. With supermarkets like Whole Foods it has become very easy for people to get their hands on these products. Now adays even if you, your spouse or your children are allergic to pet hair there are hypo allergenic pets. For example some dogs than can make a good pet for people with allergies include Maltese’s, Miniature Poodle and the Schnoodle. Theare also green pet accessories, such as hemp leashes and organic pet food. Even if you cannot find these pet products at your neighborhood grocery store, website such as Green Home Environment. The average person uses about 10 different skin care products on their

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