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Go Compare Advert Go Compare? DON’T YOU DARE! Go Compare is the most annoying, idiotic and vexatious advert ever! However their latest commercial is the worst. It begins at a conference held by Stephan Hawkins who is delivering a lecture about black holes. Seems okay so far… Suddenly, someone in the crowd asks what he could use the black hole for. Stephan Hawkins smiles and the camera changes to a street scene where a couple are window-shopping. Gio Compario appears suddenly behind them singing that infuriating song. The couple are pinned to the shop window with no where to go as this fat Italian with greased back hair and a stupid tuxedo bellows in their faces. Twirling like an idiotic ballerina he backs towards the street. Abruptly a black hole-like tornado appears to his right, screaming hysterically he clings desperately to a nearby post as the vortex lifts him off his feet and despite his efforts he is sucked into the unknown. The scene returns to the conference and closes in on Stephan Hawkin’s face, he smiles and we hear a mechanical “ha ha ha”. It appears justice has been done and Gio Compario is no more! So why do we hate him so much? He is making a mockery of opera singers WORLD WIDE! When you see images of opera singers, they are generally big guys, in a suit with an Italian moustache. Exactly like him. The difference is that they can sing. Opera singing takes many years of practise and dedication, and by using Gio Compario as their “front man” Go Compare are belittling everything opera singers stand for. So what is this company really promoting? Apparently they are selling car insurance, but you would never guess it. It is only right at the end of the advert, when a Star Wars-esque banner appears telling us that they can save the nation up to £290 on their car insurance, suggesting of course that they have waged a battle

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